How to choose garden furniture?

Choice of garden furniture can be a pretty difficult task. Sometimes you will need more time for planning and for the choice of the furniture because the garden furniture is exposed to hard conditions such as rain, sun, high and low temperature.

In order to secure years of enjoyment in your garden, it is necessary to conduct the research of open space that will be at your disposal whether it is garden or terrace. You should review the space and you should put an accent on measurements of the furniture. Often during the purchase, we tend to buy the furniture that is much larger and requires much more space than we have at our disposal. And every space should provide us comfort and relaxation because an interaction between man and the garden is inevitable. In a way man’s state and energy influence on his soundings and in the same way surroundings influence on a man’s internal state. During the research of open space, you should pay attention to climate and temperature; you should have correct measures of furniture and set up a budget for a purchase.

solid-wood-furniture-seating-for-outdoorThe materials should be chosen according to the required location, space, style and other factors that vary from garden to garden. It is very important to choose the materials that suit your needs. Furniture made of wood, aluminum or cast iron may be a better choice in terms of quality and durability. Some materials are resistant to external conditions and for the some you will need individual protection.

Wood offers a traditional feel and look. Wooden furniture is popular and versatile and requires additional maintenance. If it’s protected with quality coatings and regularly maintained, wooden furniture can provide many years of enjoyment in nature.

Plastic cannot be stylish so well as wood or metal, but it can be flexible budget options. It is easy to clean and practical for the storage and disposal in cold weather conditions. Durability and lifetime are the biggest objections of the plastic furniture and it cannot be compared to a wood or iron.

bistro-setAluminum offers a variety of contemporary styles, lightweight and easy to combine with other materials such as wood. Iron provides a large variety of designs and styles. Sets that are composed of iron exude elegance and glamor. If they are not properly maintained they could be subjected to rust. If you have more space, you might consider park benches that can work in combination with cast iron and wood.

Maintenance of different materials can also affect your choice. Because it is subjected to the forces of nature garden furniture requires regular maintenance. Thus, for example wood requires painting, covering or storage in the cold period, and metal furniture is necessary to protect against corrosion.

When you choose the color, keep in mind the fact that black and white are not the best choices. The black color absorbs the sun’s rays and is easily damaged, while the white color repels the sun’s rays and creates an unpleasant visual effect. Suitable secondary colors are shades of green, gray or other colors, but the best solution is to choose the color of wood for easy maintenance.

If you have log cabins, you can put your furniture there, during the cold months – it will give them a vintage look.

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